CallingWorks + Teledirect Partners Announce New Partnership

CallingWorks + Teledirect Partners are partnering to bring you a full suite of B2B telemarketing solutions. With our combined expertise, your company has one source for telephone sales and customer service - start to finish.

This one-stop telemarketing solution means:

  • You increase your revenue & grow your business
  • You have immediate access to telephone sales expertise
  • Your program is up and running quickly

Telemarketing options for your company?

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Are You?

  • Looking to reach your prospects by telephone
  • Trying to follow-up on inbound leads and sales leads
  • Opening up new markets
  • Selling a new product or service

Your Options?

  • Find a telemarketing company who will follow up on leads
  • Engage a telemarketing company who can handle your inbound phone calls
  • Complement your Inside Sales team with targeted telemarketing initiatives

How We Can Help...

Our comprehensive telephone sales and service offerings help you determine the best option for your company:

  • Build in-house
  • Outsource the work
  • Create a hybrid approach

We explore, develop and implement the right sales solutions for you.

As of April 2016, we have combined our focus in order to offer clients a full range of telemarketing and telephone sales solutions, designed specifically for your business.