Aetna Lighting

Aetna Lighting

Project Type:   Relationship Marketing

Business Objective:

Aetna Corp. is a full service lighting company serving the needs of commercial, industrial, and retail clients throughout the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic. They have a small internal sales team that keeps busy serving existing customers. Aetna hires CallingWorks to do call campaigns and outreach to targeted markets to warm up leads that are then passed on to Aetna’s internal sales team. CallingWorks makes the calls, does follow-up, and schedules appointments with qualified leads for the sales team.

Benefits and Outcomes:

  • Effective phone calls that have resulted in high-quality leads that turn into good-sized orders.
  • Streamlined process of setting tentative appointments for internal sales team that are later confirmed by the sales person.
  • Increases in sales demonstrated by an increase in billing in the areas targeted by CallingWorks.

Client Testimonial:

“We used CallingWorks in our last campaign and in the two months we had them working on it we saw an increase in billing in the targeted area. Over the last three years, CallingWorks has become an advocate for Aetna, which is huge. I have a lot of trust in what Joanne and her team do for us. We definitely see a correlation between their efforts and the business we write so we keep hiring them.”
Jacy Carey Everett, Director of Business Development, Aetna Corp.