Catalytic Management

Catalytic Management

Project Type: Market Research

Business Objective:

Catalytic Management, a business performance and management consulting firm, partnered with Calling Works for their client Fenelon Painting; Fenelon needed an experienced market research professional to conduct data collection on the demand for Walltalkers, a high end dry erase board.

Benefits and Outcomes:

  • Established market segmentation for Walltalkers, to include architecture firms, universities, corporations and construction companies.
  • Collected key contact data including titles, names and phone numbers for each market niche.
  • Uncovered a deeper understanding for the building design process and pinpointed the buyer’s timeline for making a Walltalker purchasing decision.
  • Identified the preferred communication methods for buyers across industries; i.e. direct mail, Webinar, email, phone.

Client Testimonial:

“Joanne Wills gave us a better understanding of our business opportunities by identifying and segmenting the market for Walktalkers. Now our sales processes and methods are tailored to the specific industry characteristics of each target customer” Brian Fenelon, Co-owner Fenelon Painting
“The thing I like about Joanne is that her research often uncovers extra things you didn’t expect to find, all of which contributes to a deeper understanding of buyer behavior.”

“Joanne is a master of the art of conversation; she gets business people to talk and share exactly what your management team needs to know.”

“Catalytic clients don’t need market research everyday, but when they do, Calling Works is my go-to strategic partner. Joanne’s expertise in market search combined with her client focus and accommodating nature makes her a pleasure to work with.”Shelley Hall, President, Catalytic Management