Ninety Five 5

Ninety Five 5

Project Type:   Market Research

Business Objective:

Ninety Five 5 offers a sales success system that is transformative in the way it shifts the focus from training in the classroom to improving sales programs in the field. In this project, Callingworks delivered market intelligence to the management team and built a target list for Ninety Five 5’s spectrum of services and products.

Benefits and Outcomes:

  • CallingWorks gained market insight on mega-enterprise accounts through online search using ZoomInfo, Linked In and Jigsaw.
  • HR executives and Sales and Training Professionals were contacted to collect detailed information.
  • Database creation which included data on the company’s sales training history, vendor relationships, choice of CRM product and special events calendar was also provided.

Client Testimonial:

“Joanne Wills’s talent for uncovering golden nuggets of feedback in everyday conversations is impressive;  she’s a real hound dog at tracking down market opportunities for Ninety Five 5! We never hesitate to put Joanne in front of our customers because she is extremely conscientious, persistent in her calls, and hard working. Our management team continues to rely on Joanne to deliver the insights we need to stay on top of customers’ needs and desires.” Megan Casey, Marketing Manager at Ninety Five 5