Project Type: Telesales Coaching

Business Objective:

Teenlife is the “go to” resource for parents, teens and educators actively looking for meaningful learning experiences for students, connecting them with internships, jobs, volunteer opportunities, and assistance with organizing a gap year. CallingWorks managed and trained the company’s telesales team on best practices for selling online and print advertising.

Benefits and Outcomes:

  • Developed telephone script to call on organizations and identify the right contact for selling Teenlife offerings.
  • Provided telesales training to staff members on creating strong opening statements, handling common questions, overcoming objections, and tactics for closing the sale during calls.
  • Call monitoring showed that after training, callers demonstrated proficiency and higher success rates with articulating core company messages and developing rapport with prospects.

 Client Testimonial:

“Joanne Wills is a seasoned telephone communications expert who instinctively knows how to screen representatives, script their message, and coach for better outcomes. We have used CallingWorks on several occasions to recruit telemarketing professionals and launch new campaigns.” Marie Schwartz, Founder and President at Teenlife