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We have been working with CallingWorks since 2015 and have found the experience to be excellent. They are a very strong partner for us because they work to understand our needs, meet those expectations and get ahead of problems (like access to key accounts during COVID) with solutions before we even ask. The CallingWorks team members are professional and conscientious. I am happy to recommend them.

Mary Marvar
NA Sale Director, Pampers Professional

MTMC has been partnering with CallingWorks for over five years. The scope of our affiliation has increased tenfold during this time. CallingWorks is an integral part of the MTMC go-to-market strategy. We incorporate an inside selling component aligned with our outside field team on every product line we market. Because of the quality and consistency of the CallingWorks IS Pros, MTMC can always rely on a positive return on the investment in our partnership.

Jack Moran
MTMC, Managing Partner

CallingWorks has played a critical role in our customer reach and results. One can point to the coordination between MTMC Field Sales and the CallingWorks team, the real-time view of lead status on their CRM, and the ability to leverage different technologies for custom campaigns. But we’re also dealing with a true partner that works with us to develop the best process and plan what will ultimately lead to the best results. CallingWorks makes us a better organization.

Mark Steele
President, Nuance Medical

For us, CallingWorks not only serves as our first point of sales outreach, but is an incredible vetting tool, an efficient way to gather data, fuel engagement and provide valuable market intel – all of which we share with the suppliers in our program. CallingWorks allows us to customize every campaign – we strategize together and communication is always top-notch. Working together has become one of the most influential components of our business – I would recommend investing in CallingWorks, you will be paid back in spades.

Luke Murphy
MTMC, National Health Systems Team Director

CallingWorks is a high-value resource that helps us reach the right customers on a timely and task-focused basis. They are a professional sales team that allows us to focus our field teams in the most productive and appropriate ways. The CallingWorks team helps us effectively engage with more customers than our field sales force can when working alone, leading to higher success rates and consistently shorter sales cycles.

Ken Harris
Executive Vice President, Pelstar LLC/Health-o-meter® Professional Scales

Partnering with CallingWorks has allowed us to expand our bandwidth, freeing up time for our outside sales team to focus on other initiatives. What began with two sales reps has grown into 20+ and now 19 of our 27 partners proudly attribute success with CallingWorks. Healthcare is constantly changing and they know how to speak the language, be nimble and make the right connections. We are continually impressed by the professionalism, high level of talent, and expertise. To a vendor, the cost associated with what you receive is well worth the investment.

Peter Green
Team Lead Director

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